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The School of DIY is an interdisciplinary workshop where children build their own toys and everyday items using real tools. During a class, children invent, design, build and create, while interacting with their peers. Each class involves experimenting with unconventional combinations, testing ideas, developing spatial imagination and training motor skills.

Children love to do DIY because they can do something "from the adult world" themselves and they get a material effect of their work. Oftentimes, they would rather go on a trip to a shop selling woodwork, fabrics, art supplies, or to a building depot, than to a toy store. They see the potential of playing with items that are not normally viewed as toys.  

The School of DIY workshops strengthen children's psyche, build confidence and self-assurance, help children to discover their talents and turn them into strengths.

Albert Einstein said that play is the highest form of research. We think the same way, so we have founded the School of DIY, where we teach through play. For us, every child is important and every child is a creator with a head full of ideas.

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Testimonials and references

The School of DIY has been running a DIY workshop in our kindergarten Misie Filipisie since 2014.  The idea to show simple woodworking techniques to kids, teach them to make things out of materials readily available in their environment, and to make both sophisticated and straightforward items turned out to be a hit.   Everyone gets their drill driver, hammer or screwdriver - tools that we often keep out of reach of children in our homes.  n these workshops, everything is adjusted to the potential and age of the kids. Workshops with the School of DIY offer a very productive experience, unleashing the imagination of our pupils. This is why we have an ongoing cooperation with them.

Krystyna Kierznowska, Deputy Head of Misie Filipisie kindergarten

All projects made by Franio in the DIY classes are there on the shelf and they are often used. Franio likes to come back to playing with them, and he really enjoys it. Not only that - we used the Christmas Tree as a permanent decoration, and now it is put away for the next year. The classes give my son a lot of joy and excitement - there is no way he could give it up! It’s amazing how they can conjure up super toys from some seemingly simple items :)

Ola Masłoń, mum to Franio (5 years old)

Very cool projects, well thought-out with regard to children’s potential. On the one hand, they can actually be made by a small child, so the kids don’t get frustrated by having to ask their parents for help at every stage of the process. Instead, the little handyman can actually make things on his own. On the other hand, children get a tangible result of their work, which gives them joy and satisfaction. Projects are simple, not overloaded with a myriad of elements, but at the same time they include specific mechanisms, such as hinges, which are a great illustration of how everyday objects work. Materials are well prepared and their combinations well thought out, for instance boards have the right length to ensure that the final work looks and works properly, and the hinge opens just as much as it should.

Piotr Nyczyk, dad to Frank (10 years) and Szymek (6 years)


Contact us to enrich the educational offer of your kindergarten or school with our School of DIY workshops:

Design, architecture, art, fashion

In every workshop, the child comes into contact with four areas that every DIY enthusiast can use: design, architecture, art and fashion. As a result, we integrate children's development on many levels, teaching them through interdisciplinary play.


It's simple! Below you will find all the important information:


  • We visit schools and kindergartens throughout the Małopolskie Voivodship.  
  • We give classes to entire classes / groups of pupils.
  • Our workshops are offered for a charge, and they are held on a yearly (8 classes), semester (4 classes) or one-off basis.
  • The duration of one workshop is 45-60 minutes.  
  • After individual agreement with the teacher, projects completed as part of the School of DIY can refer to the curriculum taught to the given class / group of pupils, and can be used to fulfil the requirements of the core curriculum.  
  • School of DIY instructors provide all materials and tools required for the class and make sure classroom furniture and equipment are protected.

Give us a call (728 330 111) to discuss all information that will help us prepare a personalized, detailed offer for your school or kindergarten. Please provide the following information:

  • Name of your institution,
  • Town,
  • Number of school/kindergarten pupils,
  • Number of groups/classes, 
  • Your preferred days of the week and times to carry out the School of DIY workshops.  

Workshop participants take their finished projects home. Those absent on the day of the workshop get a packaged kit for self-assembly with their parents / guardians.

References from headmasters/headmistresses and teachers of schools and kindergartens at which we have given classes are available upon request. Instructors of the School of DIY are qualified teachers. We believe that our many years of experience in teaching children (since 2003) and conducting DIY workshops (since 2013) can be a great enrichment of your educational offer.


During the School of DIY workshops your child will build and assemble toys/projects independently, under the supervision of experienced instructors. The programme of our workshops is enthusiastically received by both girls and boys, and is designed to suit the needs of pre-school and school children. In our classes, we use real tools and we pay very close attention to the safety of participants. The School of DIY provides all materials and tools needed for the class. Children take their finished projects home and those absent on the day of the workshop receive kits (with instructions) to be assembled with their parents / guardians. If you would like your child’s kindergarten or school to join the School of DIY, just put us in touch with the headmaster/headmistress or class tutor. 


In the DIY workshop you can use a real drill driver to assemble a wooden laptop, telephone, Pet Shop house, pony farm, Hot Wheels garage, Spiderman bed and many more. You might also enjoy making your own desk accessories. Our workshops are intended for both girls and boys! The toys you make in our School of DIY classes can be kept in a special DIY box and you can play them at home whenever you feel like it.